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How an employment law firm can help make a difference to your company

It’s a good idea for every company, regardless of industry, to keep in touch with an employment law firm.

In addition to assisting your business in defending a workplace lawsuit, employment law firms may assist your business to avoid legal difficulties, review legal documents and contracts, stay current on developments in employment law, and more.

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From routine document inspections to litigation, an employment law firm can assist with any legal issues that affect employers. These might include:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Enterprise bargaining agreements and Award rights
  • Restraint of trade
  • General protections claims
  • Industrial action
  • Redundancy rights and entitlements
  • Professional conduct and discipline law
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Executive and senior management terminations
  • Employment contract negotiations and disputes
  • Workplace health and safety (including investigations)

Most employers benefit from the early appointment of an employment lawyer to assist with anything from payroll and Award compliance to termination of employment contracts.

Working closely with an employment law firm at the outset can help your business to save money in the long run by laying a strong legal and compliance foundation.

Author: Farrah Motley, Director of Prosper Law, an employment law firm.

An employment law firm can provide you with employment agreement templates

What is an employment contract?

A contract of employment, often known as an employment contract, is a type of contract used in labour law to assign rights and duties between employers and employees.

An ‘employee’ and an ‘employer’ are the parties to the employment contract. It arose from the old master-servant law, which was in use before the twentieth century.

To formalise your employment arrangement with a new employee, utilise an employment contract template. Employee contracts include information such as working hours, compensation rates, and obligations. Both parties can refer to the contract in the event of a disagreement or dispute over the terms of employment.

Expected working hours, entitlements and benefits, salary, conduct, and responsibilities are all included in employment contracts.

Employers should consult with an employment law firm to ensure that businesses are covered if employees fail to meet their role obligations.

Working with a reliable employment law firm like Prosper Law gives your company a competitive edge by avoiding labour and employment issues and being proactive with compliance.

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An employment law firm can provide legal advice on terminating an employment contract

The employment relationship will eventually come to an end, whether through resignation, redundancy or dismissal.

However, it is important for both employers and employees that this process is carried out in the right way, in compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and in a way that mitigates risk. An employment law firm can help businesses with the process of terminating employment.

An employer may terminate an employee’s job for a variety of reasons, including redundancy, employee misconduct (including serious misconduct), or for no reason at all.

Employers must understand the right legal procedure for terminating an employment contract to avoid wrongful termination, unfair dismissal or adverse action claims.

Wrongful or illegal conduct might result in an employee bringing a claim for damages against the employer. This is where an employment law firm or labour lawyer can be an asset.

An employment lawyer will provide legal advice to a company by analysing employment agreements and employment laws.

An employment law firm can provide legal advice on employee remuneration

The overall compensation earned by an employee is referred to as remuneration. It includes an employee’s base income as well as any bonuses, commission payments, overtime pay, or other financial perks received from their employer.

Trusted legal advice on your remuneration and benefits package can work as a crucial strategy for your company in attracting and maintaining the best employees.

It’s vital to have an effective benefits package for your employees and lawyers from reliable law firms specializing in employment issues like Prosper Law can provide you with the best legal advice based on remuneration.

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An employment law firm can help reduce employment legal risk

When it comes to interacting with employees, there are numerous legal and compliance obstacles to be aware of. An employer’s legal risks can be increased if employee interactions are not properly managed. An employer can take several steps to reduce these legal concerns.

By focusing on a few areas, your company or organisation can reduce employee tensions and conflicts, as well as help lower the possibility of employee-initiated legal claims.

Ascertain that managers and supervisors are capable of coaching and leading

The underlying causes of employee turnover and legal actions are frequently traced to unqualified or dysfunctional managers and supervisors, according to studies. Filling supervisory and leadership positions with people who have the appropriate temperament and personality traits that are best suited for coaching and leading others is the best strategy to protect against employment difficulties.

Managers and supervisors should be trained

Managers and supervisors who work directly with employees daily may generate problems, or they may be able to avoid the majority of issues and foster harmonious and productive conduct. The information and training that managers and supervisors obtain in a variety of areas is a crucial factor in the outcomes they achieve. These are some of the areas:

  • Policies and procedures of the organisation, as well as their role in implementing and enforcing them
  • The numerous laws and regulations that safeguard employees, as well as ways to avoid breaking them
  • How to prevent being harassed or being abused by others
  • How to coach people effectively
  • How to keep track of employee issues to keep the organisation safe

Dismissing Employees

In the event of a termination of employment, the Fair Work Act and possibly an Award will govern this process. Employers must handle performance management concerns as soon as they arise. This means they should discuss conduct issues with employees and work to remedy them as soon as possible.

Employers are frequently inclined to fire an employee after an incident, especially if the incident is considered the ‘last straw’ by the employer. However, this process must be done in a reasonable way and so that the employee is afforded procedural fairness.

It may be difficult for an employer to respond if the employee has not discussed previous conduct issues with the company.

Other employment-related legal risks could arise in a company.

Legal problems need legal solutions. An employment law firm is an essential business partner for employers in Australia.

How can Prosper Law help?

Prosper Law is an employment law firm that is online. We provide legal advice to employers and employees across Australia.

Contact the team at Prosper Law today to discuss how an employment law firm can provide you with workplace legal advice for a fixed fee.

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