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Recruitment And Labour Hire Agreements

We provide labour hire agreement terms and legal guidance to host employers, labour hire employers and recruitment agencies across Australia.

Our labour hire lawyers help companies to draft, review and negotiate labour hire agreements and get the best workplace legal advice. Recruitment agencies rely on Prosper Law to provide business-friendly legal expertise.

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Our Recruitment and Labour Hire Law Services


Labour hire agreement template and contracts

Our legal team have worked with labour hire agencies across Australia to develop labour hire agreement templates. Our experienced team review, draft and negotiate labour hire terms.

We understand that margins are often slim and require contracts that allow for costs to be passed to a host employer. For instance, increases in Award rates, superannuation or workers’ compensation premiums.


Workplace Legal Advice

Our agency clients benefit from responsive and affordable legal services. Legal advisory services include Modern Award interpretation, employee disciplinary issues, solicitation of employees and other legal issues.

Our clients take comfort knowing they can contact us for urgent help and rely on us for fast legal assistance.


Recruitment agency legal services

We work with recruitment agencies to develop terms and conditions, enforce legal terms and manage disputes. It is important for recruiters to have a comprehensive privacy policy and understand their obligations regarding the collection, use and storage of personal information.

Our solicitors also provide guidance on replacement guarantees, hiring practices and how the Australian Consumer Law and other laws apply to recruitment practices.


Managing Workplace Disputes

Our workplace legal team help companies manage disputes.

From employee claims to client disputes, our lawyers know how to resolve issues. We are dedicated to getting the best outcomes for our clients.

We provide workplace legal representation for labour hire firms and recruitment agencies.

Why choose Prosper Law for your about hire arrangements?

Fixed fee employment law solutions

A labour hire agreement should be a cost-effective way to manage risks. We provide legal services for fixed fees so you have certainty about how much your legal matter will cost upfront.

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Experienced lawyers with industry experience

Our team has worked with host employers and various labour hire agency firms. No matter which industry workers are engaged in, our experience working in the labour hire industry puts us ahead of the curve. We understand how to manage a tight labour market, high recruitment costs and important industry trends in labour hire agreement terms.

Our employment lawyers identify legal and commercial risks in labour hire contracts and recommend and negotiate amendments. We are the go-to legal resource for contract law advice in Australia.

What our clients say

Holly Teague
Holly Teague
Big Thank you to Krystal and Prosper Law for expediting my employment contract and getting it back to me within 48 hours. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an employment lawyer.
Larissa Rogers
Larissa Rogers
I came across Prosper Law while searching for an Employment Lawyer for a recent dispute. I had the pleasure of working with both Krystal and Farrah and I am extremely grateful for their attention to detail and guidance throughout my matter.
Yatin Kulkarni
Yatin Kulkarni
Absolutely fantastic work by Carlyn Sicat and Farrah Motley by turning around the review of my Contract within 24 hours. Crystal clear recommendations and therefore didn't need any follow up. Highly recommended recommend them if you need an employment lawyer!
Connor Summers
Connor Summers
Our business needed urgent legal advice for several employment law matters. Prosper Law’s employment contract lawyers were quick to respond, offered a fixed fee price for their legal services and were able to achieve a great result for our business. For any employers looking for a quality employment law firm, we highly recommend the team at Prosper Law.
Jane Gentle
Jane Gentle
If you are looking to hire a legal counsel on retainer, I highly recommend the Prosper Law legal team. Having engaged with Prosper at work over the past 5 months, I have found them to be great in-house lawyers and who know their stuff when it comes to contract reviews, employment law advice and marketing and consumer law… and they’re reasonably priced
Liam Devonshire
Liam Devonshire
I needed a business sale lawyer to help me sell my business on short notice. They drafted a business sale agreement for me. Courtney was quick to reply, explained the process to me and was great to deal with. If anyone is after a good M&A lawyer, definitely reach out to Prosper Law.
I needed the advice of a contract lawyer based in Sydney quickly for a difficult client contract. Farrah responded to my query very quickly and efficiently and helped me resolve the liability issue with the client in a very short time. I highly recommend her efficient and thorough service.
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson
I contacted Prosper Law because I needed a contract lawyer in Brisbane for an issue with a building contract. Farrah and Micaela are experienced contract lawyers and were polite, professional, and provided my advice quickly. They provided me with a fixed fee quote with no hidden costs for the legal work and spoke to the QBCC on my behalf. Thank you to the Prosper Law team for giving me detailed advice that was good value and very helpful!!! Highly recommended and will be using them in the future for all my legal needs.
Highly recommended. They offered me reliable and useful legal advice free of charge. Thank you once again, Michael, for your service.
Vijesh cj
Vijesh cj
I approached Farrah with a query regarding my employment contract. She was patient in her dealings and took the time to read the contract fully and understand my side of the story before giving her legal advice. I am happy with my overall experience of working with Farrah.

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Labour Law FAQs

What is a labour hire agreement?

A labour hire agreement is a contract between an employer who on-hires workers to a host employer. A labour hire arrangement requires licensing, insurance and well-drafted contract terms.

What terms should I include in a labour hire agreement?

A labour hire agreement should include a number of clauses which may vary depending on the arrangement. For example, prohibiting a host firm from directly engaging workers, insurance obligations, limits on the day-to-day direction and control of workers and limitations of liability.

It is also important to deal with commercial matters to meet the business needs of both parties. For the labour hire agency it is important to have access to the workplace, pass on increases to pay and protect worker safety. Host firms should ensure that a labour hire business engages qualified and licensed workers and adheres to employment laws.

Does a host employer need to have insurance for labour hire workers?

A host employer will need to have appropriate insurance in place in case a worker is injured or if goods or services are defective. Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your business.

Does a labour hire company need public liability insurance?

A host employer and agency should both have third party liability insurance. In some States and Territories, it is a legal requirement. Even where it is not mandated by law, many companies will require it as part of their vendor acceptance process and in their contract terms.

Does a labour hire agreement need to be in writing?

A labour hire agreement should be in writing so that:

  • both parties can refer to a record of their agreement
  • there is a single document to refer back to in case of a dispute
  • important issues can be appropriately dealt with in the contract
What are my work health and safety obligations?

All employers and persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) have a duty to ensure the health and safety of workers while they are at work. This involves complying with health and safety legislation, identifying potential risks in the workplace and taking steps to minimise those risks.

Does a labour hire agency differ from other employers?

Yes, an agency may hire employees for a specific task or period of time. Generally, an agency will pay an employee’s wages and salary, but a host employer will manage the day-to-day direction and control.

Should I agree to liquidated damages in an agreement to provide staff?

Our workplace lawyers do not recommend agreeing to a liquidated damages clause. There are many things that are outside of the control of the hiring party that can impact the availability of candidates. An employee can resign at any time or there might be a shortage of employees in a particular occupation. Liquidated damages should be reserved for things that are fully within the control of a party.