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Employment And Workplace Lawyers

No matter where you are in your employment journey, our employment law lawyers are here to help, our team of experienced employment lawyers can provide assistance to guide you through every step of your employment journey.

Prosper Law provides employment advice to both employers and workers.

Our clients include company executives, employers, labour hire and recruitment companies, as well as workers from across Australia.

Understanding the complexities of employment law requires expertise, dedication, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both employers and employees.

At Prosper Law, we are a trusted employment law firm with an exceptional track record of working alongside both employers and workers.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of employment legal solutions.

Our team provides workplace legal counsel for fixed fees, so our clients know exactly how much they will pay for employment legal advice upfront.

And, even better because we’re online, we can help you no matter where you are located.

We represent a diverse range of clients from company executives and multinational corporations to labour hire firms, recruitment agencies, and individual workers spanning the breadth of Australia.

Why Choose Prosper Law?

  • Trusted Expertise: With years of experience and a proven track record, we’ve established ourselves as a leading employment law firm. Our reputation is built on trust, integrity, and delivering results.
  • Transparent Pricing: We believe in transparency. Our fixed fee structure ensures you know upfront what our services will cost, eliminating any unexpected surprises.
  • Nationwide Accessibility: Our digital presence means geographical boundaries don’t limit us. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a remote town, our online platform ensures you have access to top-tier legal advice whenever you need it.

Choose Prosper Law for comprehensive, client-focused, and expert legal counsel in all matters of employment law and workplace law.

Ready to discuss your employment or workplace concerns? Call us today on 1300 003 077 and speak to one of our qualified legal experts.

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Our Employment Law Services


It is critical for employers to understand how to pay their employees and avoid wage theft. Our workplace lawyers provide legal representation to manage unfair dismissal, adverse action and discrimination claims.

We can help with unpaid wages, advice on how to claim compensation, and protecting the rights of employers and workers.


Workplace Health & Safety

Our employment lawyers help clients manage work, health, and safety risks. You should seek legal advice if you operate in a dangerous industry or environment.

The team at Prosper Law can advise on matters including identifying and managing workplace risks and creating policies and procedures, to industry-specific workplace relations advice.


Our professional advice covers employment contracts and our employment lawyers will explain how they impact you.

An employment contract that is not drafted correctly can create risk for employers and workers. We prepare industry and occupation specific employment agreement templates.

Our team can also negotiate employment contract terms on your behalf.


Our employment law team help our clients manage misconduct and workplace bullying, including allegations of sexual harassment.

We ensure that workplace investigations are procedurally fair. We also provide legal representation for employers that seek advice and an employment solicitor to advise on best practice.

What is the Claim Process?

Information Gathering

The claim process will depend on the type of employment dispute, workplace harassment or other issue or legal services that you would like our team to provide. The first step is for us is to gather relevant information. We may ask for copies of emails, your recollection of conversations, contracts and job descriptions.

Employment Law Strategy

Based on the employment issues identified, our employment solicitors will provide advice and recommend the best way forward. We will work with you to develop a strategy that works best for you and your individual circumstances.

Formalise Resolving Employment Issues

Employment law matters can be resolved in many ways. Generally, law firms will recommend communicating with the other party to attempt to resolve the matter.

However, if an informal solution cannot be reached, a more formal approach may be needed. This could mean dismissing an employee, carrying out a workplace investigation or making or responding to an application to the Fair Work Commission. Contact us for a free consultation and our employment law team will advise you on the claim process for your employment law matter.

Our Client Case Studies


Employer Legal Representation for Unfair Dismissal

Our employment solicitors provided legal representation to an employer. The employee made a claim for unfair dismissal after engaging in unlawful behaviour in the workplace.
We submitted a response to the unfair dismissal application and advocated for the employer at the conciliation conference. We successfully protected the employer's interests.


Award Coverage and Pay Advice

Our workplace lawyers advised an employer on the application of various Modern Awards. The employer had a number of employees with different roles.
Navigating complex Modern Award entitlements and pay guides can be challenging for employers. Our employment law team gave detailed advice for each employee and ensured the employer understood how to pay their employees correctly.


Employment Contract Advice and Non Compete Clauses

We have advised employees how to interpret their employment contract.
Our employment contract advice highlighted issues with the contract and how it did not comply with law. This included advice on the application of a non-compete clause and whether it was legally enforceable.


General Protections and Settlement Negotiations

Expert employment law advice is critical if you are being discriminated against. We acted for an employee who was being performance managed for reasons related to parental responsibilities
We successfully negotiated an outcome for the employee, including compensation and resignation from employment.

What our clients say

Holly Teague
Holly Teague
Big Thank you to Krystal and Prosper Law for expediting my employment contract and getting it back to me within 48 hours. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an employment lawyer.
Larissa Rogers
Larissa Rogers
I came across Prosper Law while searching for an Employment Lawyer for a recent dispute. I had the pleasure of working with both Krystal and Farrah and I am extremely grateful for their attention to detail and guidance throughout my matter.
Yatin Kulkarni
Yatin Kulkarni
Absolutely fantastic work by Carlyn Sicat and Farrah Motley by turning around the review of my Contract within 24 hours. Crystal clear recommendations and therefore didn't need any follow up. Highly recommended recommend them if you need an employment lawyer!
Connor Summers
Connor Summers
Our business needed urgent legal advice for several employment law matters. Prosper Law’s employment contract lawyers were quick to respond, offered a fixed fee price for their legal services and were able to achieve a great result for our business. For any employers looking for a quality employment law firm, we highly recommend the team at Prosper Law.
Jane Gentle
Jane Gentle
If you are looking to hire a legal counsel on retainer, I highly recommend the Prosper Law legal team. Having engaged with Prosper at work over the past 5 months, I have found them to be great in-house lawyers and who know their stuff when it comes to contract reviews, employment law advice and marketing and consumer law… and they’re reasonably priced
Liam Devonshire
Liam Devonshire
I needed a business sale lawyer to help me sell my business on short notice. They drafted a business sale agreement for me. Courtney was quick to reply, explained the process to me and was great to deal with. If anyone is after a good M&A lawyer, definitely reach out to Prosper Law.
I needed the advice of a contract lawyer based in Sydney quickly for a difficult client contract. Farrah responded to my query very quickly and efficiently and helped me resolve the liability issue with the client in a very short time. I highly recommend her efficient and thorough service.
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson
I contacted Prosper Law because I needed a contract lawyer in Brisbane for an issue with a building contract. Farrah and Micaela are experienced contract lawyers and were polite, professional, and provided my advice quickly. They provided me with a fixed fee quote with no hidden costs for the legal work and spoke to the QBCC on my behalf. Thank you to the Prosper Law team for giving me detailed advice that was good value and very helpful!!! Highly recommended and will be using them in the future for all my legal needs.
Highly recommended. They offered me reliable and useful legal advice free of charge. Thank you once again, Michael, for your service.
Vijesh cj
Vijesh cj
I approached Farrah with a query regarding my employment contract. She was patient in her dealings and took the time to read the contract fully and understand my side of the story before giving her legal advice. I am happy with my overall experience of working with Farrah.

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Employment Law FAQs

When can a worker claim compensation?

Compensation is available to workers for:

  1. breach of an employment agreement
  2. adverse action
  3. unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  4. injury at work

Compensation lawyers can advise of other circumstances where an employee may be entitled to compensation. Our team can provide expert legal advice regarding claims for workplace compensation.

What is the best outcome for employment law matters?

Workplace relations law often involves the livelihood of workers. A good outcome depends on whether you are an employer or an employee and what the issues are. Expert employment lawyers will determine what their clients want as an outcome of an employment dispute.

One of the first questions we will ask you is – what is the outcome you are wanting to achieve? It might be dismissing a poor performing employee, or keeping your job, or agreeing to part ways and sign a deed of release.

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

You might be surprised at how affordable an employment lawyer is. Our legal fees are offered on a fixed fee basis. This means that are services are task based, irrespective of how long we spend on your legal matter.

When you contact us, we will ask you about your legal matter and provide you with a fixed fee quote.

From an employment contract review to recruitment and labour hire agreement terms, we can hep!

Why should I hire an employment lawyer for professional advice?

Employment law is a complicated area of law. It is also a highly regulated area of law. This means that there are lots of things that employers and employees can and can’t do.

Poorly performing staff or lawsuits can be costly for employers. On the other hand, salary and wages is a main source of income for many Australian workers. This means that it is worth investing in professional legal advice.

An employment solicitor can help employers and workers understand their legal rights and obligations.

What is involved in workplace investigations?

Workplace investigations involve gathering information and making findings about whether things have or have not happened. Those findings are then reported to the employer who then uses that information to decide what to do next.

Does the Fair Work Act cover employment law?

The Fair Work Act is the main piece of legislation that covers employment law in Australia. There are lots of other laws and regulations that cover employment law. Contracts, Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements are also important when it comes to employment law.

There are also court decisions that interpret law and explain similar legal issues and their outcome.

We use all of these tools, as well as our deep knowledge and experience, in providing our clients with strategic advice and progressing matters.