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Contract Lawyer & Legal Advice

Our contract lawyers are the best in the business. Prosper Law work with some of Australia’s top professional service firms, labour hire and recruitment companies, logistics and transport businesses and many more corporate clients. 

Our lawyers also work closely with in-house legal teams in providing contract law advice. Businesses choose Prosper Law because we are trusted, transparent and timely.

Contact our team of professionals if you want to hire an experienced contract lawyer.

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Our Contractual Legal Services

Drafting Contracts

Our contracts lawyers draft agreements for businesses across Australia.

We write templates and terms and conditions for software, products, corporate documents and many other contract types.

We provide user-friendly contract templates as well as one-off agreements that are specific to a deal. Our drafting style will adopt the preferred tone (friendly and simple or professional and robust) while ensuring that the agreement is legally binding.

Lawyers to Negotiate Contracts

Our lawyers negotiate contract terms to get the best outcome for our clients.

We ensure that our clients reach an acceptable position and provide advice on terms that can be changed or accepted to get the deal done.

We negotiate contract terms in a way that maintains relationships and protects our clients. We are professional and commercially aware contractual lawyers.

Reviewing Agreement Terms

Many contracts will favour the party that had the contract drafted. Our contract review services make sure that the terms of the agreement reflect commercial and legal best practice.

Our aim is to end up with fair contract terms that protect your legal and commercial interests.

Our team of contract lawyers are pragmatic. We don't request unnecessary amendments. We can advise on important changes to an agreement as well as risk.

Contract Law Advice

Our legal professionals provide expertly crafted contract law advice.

Disputes over contract terms are common. Our lawyers provide practical solutions-focused legal advice to resolve disputes.

Our lawyers can advise you what your contractual obligations are. We also provide help on the enforcement of contracts and contractual rights.

Our Client Case Studies

Agreements our lawyers help with

IT Goods and Services Contracts

  • IT goods and services contracts
  • End user licence agreements
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Website terms and conditions

Building, construction and consulting contracts

  • Deeds of warranty and deeds of covenant
  • Tender services agreements
  • Requests for tender and bid submissions
  • Deeds of novation
  • Domestic building contracts
  • Consultancy agreements

Company contracts

  • Partnership agreements
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Business sale agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • commercial lease agreements
…and more

Advising a Business on Selling Assets

Our team of contract lawyers advised a business on the sale of certain assets.

The business was not being sold as a going concern. Because of this, we made the seller aware of the GST implications.

The business sale agreement was drafted to ensure that the buyer was obliged to pay GST and the purchase price excluded GST.

Preparing Contract Templates and Guides

One of our clients, a quantity surveying firm, was in need of contract templates.

Our contract solicitor prepared an employment agreement, consulting contract, subcontract, NDA and many more templates.

We also prepared a bespoke contract negotiation guide, which the business has used to negotiate their contracts.

Contracts Advice on Terminating a Business Contract

One of our clients needed to terminate a services contract.

We gave advice on whether and how to terminate the contract.

It was a critical part of the advice to warn our client to follow the contract procedures to ensure that they were not themselves in breach.

Enforcing Contract Terms to Get Paid

Our contracts legal team drafted a contract to ensure that intellectual property rights were only granted when our client was paid.

When the end customer refused to pay, we wrote to the customer advising that they were not entitled to use the drawings prepared by our client. Because the IP was critical to the end customer, they paid the outstanding invoice.

Meet the Team

Our team of lawyers come from different industry backgrounds, and all are experienced when it comes to contract law.

Meet our team of professional contracts lawyers – you’ll be glad you did.

employment lawyer and workplace investigation

Farrah Motley


Farrah is our principal lawyer and has over a decade of experience working on complex contract matters for international and domestic businesses, as well as local businesses.

Micaela Diaz, Associate Lawyer I am an Australian-qualified lawyer with experience spanning multiple industries and jurisdictions.

Micaela Diaz

Associate Lawyer

Micaela is your go-to for employment contract-related legal matters. If you need a new employment contract and in-depth legal advice, get in touch with Micaela.

Krystal Parle | Senior Lawyer - I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Queensland University of Technology. I am also a Queensland Justice of the Peace.

Krystal Parle​

Senior Lawyer​

Krystal has built her career enforcing contractual agreements, including debt recovery and commercial litigation.

Courtney is a highly qualified lawyer with years of experience in managing employment law matters

Courtney Lambert

Senior Lawyer

Courtney has helped multinational companies with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. Courtney is a friendly and highly experienced lawyer.

What our clients say

Holly Teague
Holly Teague
Big Thank you to Krystal and Prosper Law for expediting my employment contract and getting it back to me within 48 hours. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an employment lawyer.
Larissa Rogers
Larissa Rogers
I came across Prosper Law while searching for an Employment Lawyer for a recent dispute. I had the pleasure of working with both Krystal and Farrah and I am extremely grateful for their attention to detail and guidance throughout my matter.
Yatin Kulkarni
Yatin Kulkarni
Absolutely fantastic work by Carlyn Sicat and Farrah Motley by turning around the review of my Contract within 24 hours. Crystal clear recommendations and therefore didn't need any follow up. Highly recommended recommend them if you need an employment lawyer!
Connor Summers
Connor Summers
Our business needed urgent legal advice for several employment law matters. Prosper Law’s employment contract lawyers were quick to respond, offered a fixed fee price for their legal services and were able to achieve a great result for our business. For any employers looking for a quality employment law firm, we highly recommend the team at Prosper Law.
Jane Gentle
Jane Gentle
If you are looking to hire a legal counsel on retainer, I highly recommend the Prosper Law legal team. Having engaged with Prosper at work over the past 5 months, I have found them to be great in-house lawyers and who know their stuff when it comes to contract reviews, employment law advice and marketing and consumer law… and they’re reasonably priced
Liam Devonshire
Liam Devonshire
I needed a business sale lawyer to help me sell my business on short notice. They drafted a business sale agreement for me. Courtney was quick to reply, explained the process to me and was great to deal with. If anyone is after a good M&A lawyer, definitely reach out to Prosper Law.
I needed the advice of a contract lawyer based in Sydney quickly for a difficult client contract. Farrah responded to my query very quickly and efficiently and helped me resolve the liability issue with the client in a very short time. I highly recommend her efficient and thorough service.
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson
I contacted Prosper Law because I needed a contract lawyer in Brisbane for an issue with a building contract. Farrah and Micaela are experienced contract lawyers and were polite, professional, and provided my advice quickly. They provided me with a fixed fee quote with no hidden costs for the legal work and spoke to the QBCC on my behalf. Thank you to the Prosper Law team for giving me detailed advice that was good value and very helpful!!! Highly recommended and will be using them in the future for all my legal needs.
Highly recommended. They offered me reliable and useful legal advice free of charge. Thank you once again, Michael, for your service.
Vijesh cj
Vijesh cj
I approached Farrah with a query regarding my employment contract. She was patient in her dealings and took the time to read the contract fully and understand my side of the story before giving her legal advice. I am happy with my overall experience of working with Farrah.

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Contract Law FAQs

A contract lawyer understands the principles of this area of law. Our friendly team have significant experience across a broad range of contracts and industries. We have listed some of the types of agreements we deal with above. We have also helped with the following business contracts:

  • Labour hire agreement
  • Recruitment services agreement
  • Intellectual property agreement
  • Transport contract
  • Digital marketing agreement
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Business purchase agreement
  • Business sale agreement

Prosper Law offer affordable fixed fee legal services. We expect our clients to shop around for an expert contract lawyer. What we offer is all of the experience plus a reasonable quote for legal services. We find that most new enquiries that obtain multiple quotes for legal work ultimately choose Prosper Law.

There is no one size fits all approach in contract law. If you have a dispute regarding contract terms or need advice regarding legal action, our team of lawyers can help. We will provide recommendations by taking into account your best interests and the circumstances surrounding the breach or legal issue.

Our employment contract lawyers can help both employers and employees with an employment contract. We help clients to prepare, review and negotiate employment contracts. Get in touch with us if you need help with employment law.

Contract disputes can come about because there is a misunderstanding or because one party has not done what they promised to do. Resolving contract disputes depends on different factors. These may include the willingness of the other party to negotiate, how likely you are to win your case and any legal avenues open.

For example, a domestic building contract dispute may need to be referred to a local building regulator.

Alternatively, you may be able to issue a letter of demand, statutory demand or apply to a Tribunal or Court to resolve the dispute.

Your first step is to hire a contract law firm. Disagreements about contract terms can have financial impacts on companies.

A expert contract lawyer can make sure you are not breaching your contract. They can also advise what your contractual rights are.

A verbal contract can be binding if it meets all the requirements of a valid contract.

It may be easier to enforce a verbal contract if the parties have behaved in a way that supports the verbal agreement. For example, by performing services, supplying goods or making payments.

You can engage our legal services for:

  • legal contractual reviews and schedules of departures
  • drafting tailored contract templates for your business
  • internal contracts training to develop your staff’s skills in contract law and contract administration
  • legal advice for contractual disputes including breach of contract
  • employment contract drafting, reviews and negotiation

Our contracts are tailored to meet your requirements. If you want user-friendly, short form conditions or a long form thorough contract, we can help.

We do not provide conservative, black-letter legal advice. Instead, our commercial contract lawyer takes your commercial needs into account. We provide contracts and legal advice to assist businesses to manages risk in a way that makes business sense.

Our contract lawyer will take the time to understand your business, how your clients operate and the broader industry you operate in. This helps us to provide personalised legal advice and guidance. We ensure our clients receive legal services that genuinely meet their needs.

Every one of our team members is highly experienced in contract legal matters. When we accept new clients, we work together as a team in developing legal solutions and products for our clients. You will be assigned a dedicated contract lawyer and you will receive the collective experience of our legal team.