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Prosper Law has unparalleled experience and understanding of the particulars surrounding employment agreements. Each industry and hiring methodology has its own set of requirements and legislation that can be a nightmare to navigate on your own. This is where our experienced and trained team come into play.


We can draft, negotiate, review, amend and provide general legal advice for any kind of contractual arrangement.


All of our legal services are provided on a fixed-fee basis, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your working arrangements.

    We Provide Legal Advice For The Following Kinds of Working Arrangements



    Recruitment &
    Labour Hire



    Consulting Contracts.

    Prosper Law have worked with some of Australia’s top consultancy and professional service firms. We are nationally recognised for our approach to securing optimal results

    with precision and dedication to the best interests of our clients.

    We take the time to understand your consultancy business, how your clients operate and the broader industry you work in. This helps us to provide tailored legal advice.

    While verbal arrangements are still commonplace, there can be legalities and issues that are bound to pop up as a result.

    Maintaining a sense of professionalism and more importantly a paper trail is an optimal way forward. Not only does this ensure that responsibilities and objectives are being met but serves to establish vital timelines and promote efficiency.

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    We’re the Best At Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating Official Contractual Documentation.

    You can engage our legal services for:

    • Legal Contractual Reviews and Schedules of Departures

    • Bespoke Legal and Guides For Your Business

    • Internal Contractual Training

    • Advisory Needs

    • General Consulting Contract Requirements

    Prosper Law Understands How To Balance Commercial Opportunities With Legal Risk.

    We do not provide conservative, black-letter legal advice. Instead, our commercial contract lawyer is business-sensitive and provides legal advice to assist risk-managed business growth.

    Utilise Our Wealth of Experience & Our Array Of Consulting Agreement Templates & Advice To Keep Your Business Secure.

    We have helped consultancy firms with:

    • Consultancy services arrangements

    • Exclusivity agreements

    • Non-disclosure and confidentiality documentation

    • Joint ventures

    • Warranty deeds and side deeds

    • Deeds of covenant

    • Tender services arrangements

    • Requests for tender and bid submissions

    • Deeds of novation

    • Deeds of settlement

    • Deeds of release

    • Consultant certification and certificates

    • Sub consultancy deals

    Technology Agreements.

    Prosper Law can provide legal advice for tech-based businesses, this includes documentation and contractual arrangements related to the IT industry and its comprising elements.

    We have assisted Australian businesses with drafting, reviewing and negotiating intellectual property and specified technology agreements.

    Whether it’s software, hardware, or a combination of the two, we know how you can ensure your hard work is not misused and is protected from the various legal woes that can arise from stolen or unauthorised use of intellectual property.

    Tech underpins everything in business, and with the ever-shifting landscape of the tech environment and legislation, it is important to keep up to date on the regulation adjustments and the rules that accompany these changes.

    At Prosper Law, we aim to stay up to date on the latest tech and ensure our legal advice remains relevant and applicable across industries and required fields.

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    Prosper Law understands the importance of digital assets and intellectual property.

    We know how to protect and leverage intellectual property rights to get the best commercial deal for your business.

    We can provide legal services for the following kinds of technology agreements:

    • IT Goods and Services

    • Software Licensing

    • Intellectual Property

    • Non-disclosure and Confidentiality

    • Intellectual Property Transfer and Licensing

    • SaaS (Software as a Service)

    • Maintenance and Servicing

    Recruitment & Labour Hire Agreements.

    Prosper Law provides bespoke services to businesses utilising recruitment and general hiring who require assistance or representation in navigating the legal landscape. As each industry will have their own practices and legal rules, its vital to ensure that all relevant legislation is adhered to and understood – particularly in the hiring process.

    Prosper Law provides the best legal representation for clients and protect their interests. As legislation surrounding hiring and contractual arrangements are constantly changing, it’s important that your documents and hiring policies are compliant and protect you and your business.

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    If your business needs an employment contract lawyer to:

    If your business needs Prosper Law to:

    • Prepare a bespoke recruitment agreement or labour hire agreement

    • Provide legal guidelines and adjustable documents

    • Draft bespoke consulting documentation for fixed-term, casual, full-time, or part-time bases

    • Review and negotiate recruitment terms and official documentation

    • Provide experienced and trustworthy advice regarding insurance, non-solicitation clauses, workplace health and safety and other employment risks

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