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When to hire an employment contract lawyer

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Knowing when to hire an employment contract lawyer is important. You should contact an employment contract lawyer when you need to prepare a new employment contract template, you are having a dispute or you need a lawyer to tell you what clauses mean.

An employment contract lawyer is a lawyer that understands both employment law and contract law. And they’re important for many reasons, including that an employment contract governs the legal relationship between an employer and employee.

Farrah Motley holds degrees from the Queensland University of Technology in both law and accounting. Farrah is a registered Australian Legal Practitioner and has been pracising employment law for over a decade

This article was written by Farrah Motley, Director of Prosper Law and an employment lawyer. If you need help reviewing, negotiating, drafting or general legal advice regarding an employment contract, contact our friendly team today at 1300 003 077 or email enquiry@prosperlaw.com.au

Hire an employment contract lawyer when you need a new contract

A new contract may be needed for a variety of reasons. For instance, employment laws change over time. An old employment contract may contain clauses that are out-of-date and no longer enforceable.

A new employment contract, on the other hand, will address the most up-to-date legal obligations. It can also be tailored to suit your business, which has likely changed over time.

employment contract lawyer

Employment contracts can contain various clauses. Commonly, they will include a duties clause, confidentiality obligations, outline who owns the intellectual property and state how much and when the employee will be paid.

But knowing what to include can be difficult. An employment contract lawyer can make this task easier.

If you need an employment contract template, we have a template available to purchase. Simply head over to our online store, and select the employment agreement template.

If you get into a dispute with your employer or employee

Disputes are a common and unfortunate part of the employment relationship. And they can arise when you least expect it.

Employment disputes can cause significant stress, including for both managers and employees. It’s important to address disputes quickly and in a professional way.

This is another reason to hire an employment contract lawyer. This is because they will have experience in managing and resolving employment disputes.

Disputes can also cost both parties time and money. A lawyer should be seen as an investment when it comes to employment disputes. Often, the dispute can be resolved quickly and on better terms than if you try and do it alone.

Hire an employment contract lawyer when you need to understand the contract terms

Employment agreements, like many other contracts, can be complicated. If you’re not a lawyer, trying to understand what a complicated clause means can be a difficult thing to do. And how do you know if your interpretation is correct?

But guess what? An employment contract lawyer will be able to advise you in plain English and tell you what the clause means. They can help you with what the interpretation means for you in practical terms.

For example, legal definitions might not be described in the contract itself. And how are you supposed to know which provisions of the Fair Work Act apply to the employment relationship? It also becomes important to understand contract terms if there is an employment termination issue. If the employment terms are not adequately understood, it can lead to expensive legal action later.

Hire a lawyer to update an existing employment agreement

Employees that stay employed by the same business for long periods of time will often need to have their employment contract updated or replaced. It’s important for employers to ensure that employment agreements reflect the current requirements of any given role. Whatsmore, employment laws frequently change and contract terms may become unenforceable over time. A good example of this is pay secrecy clauses, which are now unenforceable.

Risks to employers are significantly greater for executive roles. For this reason, executives need to be placed on robust contract terms that contain non-compete clauses and other terms that protect both the executive and the employer.

How Can Prosper Law Help?

Prosper Law is Australia’s online law firm. We provide legal services to businesses and individuals across Australia. Our areas of practice include contracts, eCommerce, publishing, entertainment, legal counsel, and employment law.

If you would like to speak to an employment lawyer, get in touch today.

Contact the team at Prosper Law today to discuss how we can provide you with your legal needs at a fixed fee or affordable hourly rates.

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