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Category: Legal Counsel

Non Compete Clauses in Employment Contracts
Legal Counsel

The Role of Senior Legal Counsel

Senior legal counsel are lawyers. A corporate client employs them, either as their employer or their client. They work within the business itself and with other employees. Legal counsels are

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Farrah Motley holds degrees from the Queensland University of Technology in both law and accounting. Farrah is a registered Australian Legal Practitioner and has been pracising employment law for over a decade
Legal Counsel

Hire a Lawyer on Retainer

Hiring a lawyer on retainer is a cost-effective way of getting legal advice. You pay a fixed fee and in return, you receive legal advice within the scope of the

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Courtney Lambert Senior Lawyer Courtney has worked in legal teams in the engineering and construction industries.
Legal Counsel

A Guide to Using a Legal Consultant

Using legal consultants or services is popular among businesses in Australia, as it is in many other countries. Legal consulting offers valuable expertise and guidance on various legal matters that

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