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3 Qualities When Searching for Online Legal Advice

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Here are 3 qualities to look out for if you are searching for online legal advice.

Today’s legal consumers are demanding more from their lawyers, including convenience, speed, and accessibility. If you’re considering using online legal advice, there are a few key qualities to look out for when choosing a service that best meets your needs.

Author: Farrah Motley, Director of Prosper Law and lawyer that provides online legal advice to businesses across Australia.

online legal advice

Advice from qualified professionals

There are numerous reasons why you should seek legal counsel only from qualified professionals that are online. To begin, you must understand the distinction between legal advice and legal information.

Legal information will provide you with a general overview of certain issues, but it will not help you solve specific problems you may have. Legal advice, on the other hand, is specific to your particular matter.

Online legal advice can be provided by someone who has experience in the relevant area of law and can apply the law to the facts and circumstances that are relevant to your matter.

Qualified online lawyers have the experience necessary to help with almost any type of problem or situation that arise during the lifecycle of a business. They have also experienced success in their field by providing quality services over time while maintaining a reputation as trustworthy professionals who can be counted on when needed most.

Finally, lawyers that provide online legal advice may have greater availability outside of hours. Because of this, there may be less delay between contacting them about an issue until receiving an answer back. This might take days if done through other channels such as emailing someone who works at home rather than having access only during office hours each day.

Convenience, speed, and accessibility

While you should definitely consider the reputation and quality of your online lawyer, you should also look at convenience, speed and accessibility. A good online lawyer will always keep their clients’ best interests in mind.


How easily can you get in touch with your lawyer? Do they offer online messaging or phone support? Are their services available after hours or on weekends? Is there a fee associated with calling them? These are all things to consider when finding a lawyer that fits your needs.


Asking questions and receiving answers quickly will help make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities while working through your case.

You want someone who is efficient, so don’t hesitate to ask how long it takes for someone to respond to emails or other forms of communication before deciding which lawyer is right for you!

online legal advice


Think about what makes sense for you personally – do they have locations near where you live/work? Are those locations convenient during your work hours (or on weekends)? This may seem like common sense advice but it’s something worth checking out before making any final decisions about who offers better value for money spent on online legal advice.

You should seek advice from lawyers who have a track record of success, are available to speak with you at no cost and meet your needs by offering an online alternative.

When searching for online legal advice, look for those who have a proven track record of success, are available to speak with you at no cost, and can meet your needs by providing an online alternative.

A lawyer with a track record of success

You want someone who has previously assisted others. Inquire with friends and family members if they know of any good lawyers that have provided online legal advice. There are also numerous online reviews from people who have previously hired online lawyers or online law firms. You can also visit their website and their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Lawyers who offer an online alternative

While it’s not always possible for every situation and client type, some lawyers will offer advice over platforms such as Zoom. This means that they can meet face-to-face with clients when necessary, without the client having to drive to an office.

This option is always available to customers that choose to get online legal advice.

online legal advice


There are many qualities to look out for when seeking online legal advice. The most important is whether or not the lawyer has experience in your type of case. It may be necessary to ask if a lawyer provides their services via video chat or phone call so you can feel comfortable speaking directly face-to-face rather than over text message which can oftentimes feel impersonal.

How can Prosper Law help?

Prosper Law is Australia’s online law firm. We provide legal advice to businesses and individuals across Australia. Our legal practice areas include contracts, eCommerce, publishing, legal counsel and employment law.

If you need to talk to an online lawyer, get in touch today.

Contact the team at Prosper Law today to discuss how we can provide you with online legal advice for a fixed fee or at affordable hourly rates.

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