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Buy Now Pay Later Legal Services

Buy now pay later legal services have now arrived! Prosper Law is now offering buy now pay later legal advice to its clients.

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Author: Farrah Motley, Director of Prosper Law.

Buy Now Pay Later Legal Services
Buy Now Pay Later Legal Services

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy now pay later is a way of buying a product or a service straight away, but delaying the payment until a later point in time. Some buy now pay later providers focus on products and retail. Quickapay provides buy now pay later options for service-based businesses in Australia.

Many buy now pay later providers do not charge interest, provided customers pay off the amount owing by the due date. Instead, the customer and/or the business may be charged fees.

Prosper Law uses QuickaPay, which is focused on buy now pay later for small to medium businesses looking to buy services.

By using Prosper Law’s buy now pay later option, you can get legal advice straight away without having to worry about legal fees. Instead, once we have completed our legal services, we will send you an invoice with an option to pay by instalments. If you choose to use our buy now pay later option, you can pay for our legal services over 10 weekly instalments. It’s that easy!

What are the Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later for Buying Legal Services?

Legal services can put additional financial pressure on small to medium businesses. However, legal advice is often an essential and unavoidable requirement for running a successful business. Your business may be caught off guard by needing to buy legal services straight away.

In fact, some law firms require payment upfront into their trust account. Legal fees are often required to be paid before any legal services are started.

Buy now pay later options can provide users of legal services with the benefits of getting legal advice fast, but protecting cash flow by paying the legal fees off in instalments over a period of time.

Buy Now Pay Later Legal Advice


QuickaPay is a payments platform that lets you pay for services your way, by credit or debit card, or with a 10-week interest-free instalment plan.

All instalment plans are interest-free and there is no additional cost.

So for example, if you paid for a service and it cost $1,200, you would pay $200 today followed by 5 additional fortnightly payments of $200 each.

This is what QuickaPay has to say about its buy now pay later offering:

QuickaPay is a customer focused company with a mission to make paying for services stress free. We make it easy to pay

When it comes to paying for services, we believe it should be easy, not stressful, and you should have the choice to pay on your terms without the added stress.

We believe in responsible credit. We don’t believe in credit checks and will never put a customer into an instalment plan unless they can afford it.

Instead, we use 90 days of transactional banking data which feeds into our proprietary credit model to produce an affordability score without touching a person’s credit file, so no, we won’t impact your credit.

How Can I Use Buy Now Pay Later for Legal Services?

When we send you an invoice for our legal fees, we will provide you with a link on our invoice to QuickaPay. There, you can sign up and pay for your invoice using QuickaPay’s buy now pay later option.

You’ll then pay your invoice off in instalments directly to QuickaPay. Simple!

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