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Where to buy legal templates online

Knowing where to buy legal templates online can be tough. Google any kind of contract, agreement or other legal template and you’ll be presented with a raft of legal templates (both paid and free).

The problem with agreement templates is that they are just that – a template! Lawyers spend years learning and training how to read, draft and adapt templates so that they are usable for their clients (and their client’s specific needs, goals and risks).

This article explains where you can buy legal templates online.

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Author: Farrah Motley, Director of Prosper Law and an online lawyer.

So, when platforms offer free agreement templates, there is a temptation to use the agreement templates and just “fill in the gaps”.

But that approach ignores the circumstances surrounding the agreement, who the parties are, and what they are trying to achieve (and avoid!). Free agreement templates should be used in conjunction with quality legal advice, otherwise, you may run the risk of the agreement template not being worth the paper it is written on.

Purchasing legal templates online

Underneath here, you’d find a few Australian legal platforms where you can obtain paid and free legal templates online for your usage.

Getting legal templates on Lawpath

Lawpath is an online legal service that offers legal templates. The website is run by a legal start-up that provides users with online access to various forms and documents, including wills and estate planning documents.

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The company was founded in 2011 by Matt Leibowitz and James Paton, who wanted to provide Australians with access to the same quality of services offered by their counterparts in the United States and Europe. By cutting out middlemen such as large law firms or accountants, Lawpath could offer customers high-quality legal advice at affordable prices.

Obtaining legal templates on Prosper Law

Want to know where you can get quality agreement templates with a FREE legal consultation to “tailor” the agreement template? You guessed it – Prosper Law!

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Prosper Law was established to help in-house legal teams and businesses cut through complexity, provide plain-English advice and empower businesses to prosper. Prosper Law is not about restating the law; it’s about driving successful business outcomes and problem-solving.

Check out our legal templates here (every template comes with a FREE consultation and document amending to suit your individual circumstances).

You can also check out another of Prosper Law’s articles explaining what a Legal Counsel does here.

Buying a legal contract format on LegalVision

LegalVision is a legal startup that provides online legal templates for Australian law. They’re also known for their clever use of technology to make it easier for you to complete your documents and save money on legal fees.

The idea behind LegalVision was to create affordable access to quality legal services so that everyone can have access even if they don’t have the resources required by traditional attorneys or businesses.

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Picking up a legal agreement sample on Legal123

If you’re looking for legal documents, templates and advice to help you with your business in Australia, Legal123 is a great option.

Legal123 has been providing legal documents, templates and other tools to supercharge your business since 2010. They have a wide range of products to suit any industry or situation that you may encounter in an Australian workplace (and beyond). These include:

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  • Company name registration
  • Business contracts
  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy policy

How can Prosper Law help?

Prosper Law is Australia’s online law firm. We provide legal advice to businesses and individuals across Australia. Our areas of legal practice include contracts, eCommerce, publishing, legal counsel and employment law.

If you need to talk to an online lawyer, get in touch today.

Contact the team at Prosper Law today to discuss how we can provide you with online legal advice for a fixed fee or at affordable hourly rates.

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